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Arrow Precision Archery llc Inferno Fury Crossbow kit Review

When hunting season was approaching, I set out to find a new bow. I took weeks to do research in order to find the one that fit all of my hunting needs – being an avid hunter, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what I needed. If you hunt just as much as me, you need a bow that is sturdy, made of high quality and will last for a long time. When you have a crossbow, you should be able to go hunting whenever you like (during hunting season, of course) – you don’t need a bow that will hold you back from what you do. 

One day, during my research out of all the crossbows, the one that really stood out from the crowd was the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit. I liked this crossbow kit so much and found that it would be great for anyone, even a beginner, so I decided to reach out and discuss my findings with you.

 When you go hunting, you don’t need to carry a heavy crossbow around with you – that is something every hunter should know. The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit is perfect, because it is extremely light in weight and really comfortable to use. That is really something that caught my attention, because I have one crossbow that is really a hassle to carry around in the woods.

 The crossbow only weighs 5.85 pounds. This aspect right there makes the crossbow great for those who carry their crossbows deep in the woods.

Assembling the Inferno Fury

 These types of crossbows are fairly easy to assemble, making it a major plus for a beginner and those who do not like taking all day to put something together. When you receive the Inferno Fury, it will come unstrung, so you will need to attach the string before doing anything else. If you have never put a crossbow together before, don’t worry, because you can look in the owner’s manual and follow the assembly (they make it easy to understand).

 Features and Specifications


  • 175-pound Recurve Bow


  • Quick detach quiver


  • Four arrows


  • A shoulder sling that is padded


  • High quality 3-dot multi-range red dot cope


  • Weaver-style scope mount is adjustable


  • Auto safety


  • Dipped camo pattern offers full coverage


  • 235 feet per second


  • 31 inches in length


  • From limb tip to limb tip, it is 27 inches wide


  • The string is 26.5 inches long


  • The limb is made of compression fiberglass


  • The rear stock is lightweight composite


  • The truck/barrel is aluminum


Is the Inferno Really a Good Crossbow for Beginners? 

 Honestly, everything about this crossbow makes it a great choice for a beginner. Take a look:


  • It is VERY light in weight and short


  • It is affordable


  • It is comfortable to hold


  • It is easy to aim


  • Comes with good safety features (thumb guard, anti-dry fire)


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Is This Crossbow Suitable for All Hunting Purposes?

 The crossbow has low kinetic energy and slow shooting speed, so it’s not really a good choice for all hunting purposes. However, if you plan on taking down small game such as rabbits, groundhogs, etc, it is a good choice. Assuming you can land a shot with 100% precision and you’re not shooting any further than 25 yards, you may be able to take down a small deer with it.

How Long Will the String Last?

As long as you wax the string on a regular basis, it should last for 500 shots before you have to replace it. The package actually comes with a replacement string, so you should be able to go through 100 arrows before you have to go out and purchase new string.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit is a very good crossbow for beginners. It is light in weight, is comfortable to carry and easy to assemble. It can do everything a good crossbow is capable of.

At the time of writing this review, I found a total of 358 reviews and they had awarded the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit 4.2 stars out of 5 on average.

The customer reviews posted on Amazon were mainly positive, but there were a couple of reviews that raised some interesting points. One customer stated, “ I will say though, Be careful with the pully strings. I am talking about the cocking string accessory that is supposed to help you in cocking the weapon. It will tear up your rail if you’re not careful. Be very careful. I only scratched the paint but I can see if I pushed it, I could have done some serious damage”

However, reading all of the reviews, no other user has mentioned the same difficulties, so maybe this isn’t really a widespread problem. Other customers said, “This crossbow is extremely powerful and I love it! The bolts that it comes with are very reliable and the tips are sharp. The red dot sight is nice and accurate. It comes with rail lube, which keeps the bow string from wearing down and reduces friction, allowing it to shoot a lot smoother.”

Other customers stated, “Awesome! I would highly recommend this!” “Perfect,” “Amazing!” With words like “awesome” and “perfect” in many reviews, it is obvious that the customers who purchased this crossbow are happy with the product.


In summary, the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit is not only good for beginners, but advanced hunters as well. The crossbow is well made and easy to use and most buyers are pleased with their purchase. It is great for hunting small game, but is perfect for target practice.